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Booking Shows via Email

Published on November 23, 2013


In this digital age sending physical press kits for booking shows is pretty much a thing of the past. There are EPK (electronic press kits) however email has actually made this process more personal, simpler and affordable in many ways. The challenge of course, is composing an email that introduces you and / or your group without coming across as spam.

In this post we will outline eight elements in writing an email pitch that will help you book more shows. I will include an example at the end of the post.

When composing your email pitch remember to keep it short and concise. Most venues get several hundred booking requests per month. They are not interested in reading a six page autobiography on how your career started in the music industry. If the email is long and unorganized it will be deleted.

Let’s start.


Start with a clear subject line. It needs to indicate that the email is a booking inquiry. I recommend you add the recipient’s name (ie. youth pastor, pastor, booking agent, etc.) or the name of the venue (ie. student ministry, church name, etc.), your artist/group/band name and the date you are requesting to book.

For example: RECIPIENT, booking ARTIST at VENUE — Dec. 7th or 9th?


Don’t come across like a diva. And please don’t try to sound like a rock star. The easiest way to impress a venue is by communicating in a polite tone, don’t be pushy but easy to work with. Be yourself, in other words, let your personality come through in your writing.


In the first paragraph introduce yourself / band. Keep it brief but descriptive, two or three sentences max. Let the recipient know what date you are looking to book. If the tour schedule permits it, include two dates, this will increase the chances of being booked.

For example: ARTIST is touring through CITY and would love to play at VENUE on DATE.

Also, consider researching the venue’s show calendar or service times. You can increase the chances of being booked by selecting an open date or a date and time where the venue meets regularly.


The second paragraph, again in two or three sentences, should elaborate further on your band, artistry and sound. Talk about your stage presence and personality. Share about your love for playing.


In a couple sentences, the third paragraph should communicate the win for the venue. In other words, why would booking you make the night a success? Share in a manner that’s enthusiastic yet honest and realistic.


Make the fourth paragraph a short biography. Key word here, short! Include anything that will help you stand out among the many booking inquiries such as awards won, bands you’ve toured with and highlight several venues you’ve played at in their city.

Also include the following links:

    • website, not to your facebook page
    • audio sample (link to the audio file, no attachments)
    • video (link a well recorded, meaning great lighting and sound, live performance; not the one of you free styling in a street corner. this one’s a biggie. if you don’t have one, get one.)
    • press kit (again, no attachments but include a link)


In closing thank the recipient for reading your email. Thank them for checking out your website and music. And thank them in advance for considering you for their next event.


In your signature include a quote from the press about your music or from a venue that loved your show. Highlighting a recommendation will give you additional credibility.


Your email should look something like this:

Email Subject: Bob, Booking Eddie @ The Warehouse – December 7 or 9?

Hey Bob,

My name is Eddie. I’m a Christian hip-hop artists based out of Kissimmee, FL traveling through PA, NJ and NY on a seven city tour. I will be in the Paterson area in December and would love to play at the Warehouse on the 7 or 9.

As I mentioned I play Christian hip-hop music. My sound is upbeat with a blend of pop. I love engaging a crowd with funny stories and energetic music. My favorite part is connecting students to my story and how Jesus changed my life.

At your event I will do just that. I will showcase a fun and entertaining set and encourage your students with the hope, love and joy I have in Christ.

Below you will find a brief bio and links to my website, music, video and press kit.

Christian hip-hop artist and communicator, Eddie Cortes, has been touring for several years with artists like Trip Lee, Christcentric and Bizzle. Eddie is highly recognized for his unique flow and captivating stage presence. His story is powerful and engaging. Jeremy Luke, the student pastor at Cornerstone Family, describes Eddie as an “incredibly gifted lyricist and storyteller.” Eddie has been featured as artist of the year by and his new single “Crazy Love” made it to number one on the Corelink Hip-Hop Charts. He has played at City of Life, New Hope and Emerge in Florida. When Eddie’s not touring he serves in the youth department at his local church, Cornerstone Family and spends time his wife and daughter.

Audio: Listen to “Crazy Love” here:
Video: Eddie performing live at Emerge, watch here:
Press Kit:

Bob, thanks for taking the time to read this email, my press kit and for listening to my music. I would love to play at the Warehouse, please let me know if December 7 or 9 is available. I look forward to hearing from you.

In HIS Service,
Eddie Cortes
Christian Hip-Hop / Communicator

“Eddie rocked the house at our student conference in Daytona. Amazing music and an amazing message!” — Jeremiah Johnson, Director of Student Ministry


If you have any suggestions or questions leave them in the commenting section below. Now go book some shows. Grace & Peace!

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