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The title “Native Lungs” is an ode’ to everything Braille has “breathed in” during his lifetime, as well as a flip on the name of the classic hip-hop crew “Native Tongues”. It was groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul that inspired Braille to pursue doing music. The intensity and hunger Braille displays on “Native Lungs” serves as a re-introduction to his style. On “Native Lungs” it’s almost as if Braille sounds brand new. The production on “Native Lungs” is primarily handled by beat-makers residing in his home town. A few exceptions were made to include contributions from Evidence, S1 and DJ Official. This is indeed Braille’s biggest album and marks a new chapter in his career.


01 Native Lungs
02 Feel It (feat. Evidence of Dilated Peoples & DJ Revolution)
03 Death In Me
04 We Will Remember
05 The Hardway (feat. Andy Mineo)
06 Rhymes On Everything
07 The New Raw (feat. Rob Swift)
08 Nightmare Walking
09 Too Many Tomorrows
10 Step Up
11 48 Prisons
12 DeepRest (feat. S1)
13 Finally Arrive

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