Brandon Trejo – Southeast Souljah

Brandon Trejo has released a second studio album. Southeast Souljah was released on April 30th. The song by the same name is the 2nd song of this album. While Brandon is still relatively new on the music scene, his songs and musical abilities are being noticed by quite a number of fans.

This song, even though it has just been released, has received so much praise on YouTube. That’s because it is a moving testimony to how powerful God can be. Many fans have said just how inspirational and influential Brandon’s music is. His vocal abilities, his song, and even the lyrics have something for everyone. We should look beyond that. His songs are more than just something to listen to. The fact that he puts so much heart and soul into everything that he sings is what we should be amazed by.

Why do we find his music so influential? This is due in part to the lyrics. They not only spread the messages of God and Christ. They are leading many people to like the genres of Christian Rap and Christian hip-hop music. People are finding out how spiritual and uplifting this music is. The song continues to be loved by all. 

The title of this song is very fitting because many Christians do like to think of themselves as God’s soldiers. Brandon is no exception to that. By constantly putting out songs that contain the gospel message and that preach about God and Jesus for everyone to hear, he is identifying himself not only as a Christian artist but as a soldier for God.

We know he will constantly do his best to share these messages. He wants all to know about the existence of God and Jesus and the wonderful things they can do for your life.  He should be applauded, not only for his wonderful musical abilities but for his dedication to the Christian lifestyle and to sharing the gospel messages.