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Brawl at a Christian hip hop event

Published on July 27, 2009

Brawl_at_a_Christian_Hip-Hop_Concert=Article=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsTwas the night before Sunday, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even the dogs. The yoga mat was hung out by the table after care, I’m hoping that when I use it again it won’t smell like burnt hair. So I was nestled all snug up on my bed, when I received a text message saying “A fight broke out over here!”

The “over here” is referring to a Christian hip hop venue in which a Christian hip hop event was taking place, and a “fight broke out” was an actual fist throwing brawl. One dude was on stage, the other dude jumped on stage and took the mic and the rest was history. So the purpose of this blog is to share thoughts on this particular occurrence at this particular event, NOT to bring criticism or dissension. Although the heading might evoke certain emotions and opinions, from the report I was given, the Christian leaders on hand, actually handled the situation quite amicably and administered some major ministry when it all went down.

Which brings me to this thought…how many Christian hip hop artists are willing to put themselves in a position of persecution and hostility, within reason. I’m not advocating for Christians to walk out blindly and rush the scene being aggressive and argumentative, which so often is the case with most hip hop artists; hence the “battling” and “doctrinal/delivery” quarrels. But what I am saying is, what ever happened to the fervent zeal for the Gospel; being willing to stand in harms way for the sake of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This organization and this event is a clear example of a poignant mission group reaching it’s specific demographic. Mind you, the venue is usually a hot spot for secular underground events and the sponsoring organization strategically sought out this venue to reach these same cats. Did you expect to see hip hop street cats rapping and “picking lillies with his friends”?

This is my message to the sponsoring organization and those present at the event: Keep pushing the Gospel to the hip hop dudes on the streets! If you don’t then who will?

Maybe this might offer you some encouragement…


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