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Brian Clark Music – GOD’S POWER

Brian Clark returns with a short film that highlights God’s Power to change our lives. It features a few of his singles, “Angel on Low” and “Runnin'”

Just move how I know how to move it
Just do how I know how to do it
Been around sometime been through it
Time flies like how did we do it
That’s right we just got up and did it
My bad gotta pick up the pivot
No existence if you ain’t livin
My exisitence is what I’ve been given
So I’m going to milk it till it ends
I’m going to pop that Willy even
Catch my breath before I hit the ground
Overwhelming love like wow
If you lost you can be found you have to stay on top of the ground

I’ve got that flow that makes you think
I got that flow that makes you think
I got that hip hop homie if you liking it or not
Got that angel on the lowx2
Got them blesssings you ain’t messing with the pro

I’m going 100 miles & hour
And it’s all for the greed and power
And I’m going down by the hour

Hey I’m running man I’m running man
I got my blinders on I don’t know what I’m up against
It’s like simon when he needed that food
The tax collectors sitting right there too
Don’t always try to take things into your own hands
Give it to God because he has the real plan
Ive had enough of me I’ve had enough of you
Shed the flesh it’s time to separate all of you
That’s the hardest easiest thing you can ever do
And it’s got me on a downward spiral am i trying to please god
Or go viral
Tell the truth don’t lie bro
I’m going to settle my debt now and not tomorrow
Because tomorrow is not promised
Unless Jesus signs off no longer can be my own boss.

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