Brinson – Order My Steps

If there’s one thing people love, it is a fresh taste of an older song. This remix of Order My Steps by Brinson delivers just that. This remix features Under5ive and it puts a new twist on a song that Brinson had dropped in the past. This remix features a more high-energy beat. The visuals of the video are just absolutely amazing. The music starts off right away and Brinson’s lyrics and vocals grab your attention right off the bat.

Altogether, this video has everything to keep your attention. It not only gets you up on your feet and puts you in an upbeat mood, but it also fills you with positivity once you really listen to the lyrics and start to take the message that Brinson is preaching to heart. It is a fun and energetic way to give praise and glory to God.

It’s songs like this that are redefining Christian rap and hip hop. These types of videos and tracks are changing people’s perspectives on these genres. People are familiar with traditional Christian music, but they don’t know just how exciting and pumped up it can get you.

Once they become familiar with songs and artists like Brinson they will become aware of that. They will learn that there are many ways you can give praise and glory to God while still enjoying music. We should all applaud Brinson for this amazing remix. It’s no wonder that fans love his style and can’t get enough of his music. We look forward to the next track to drop from him