Brittney Garner, unjust marijuana laws, and the war in Ukraine. Plus, who is Bumps INF?  

God Over Money artist Bumps INF drops in on Da Fixx to talk faith, fatherhood, and the state of Christian Hip Hop.  And da squad discusses Brittney Griner’s sentencing, marijuana laws, and what part the war in Ukraine plays in all of this. 

Who is Bumps INF?

Bumps says his creative process is slightly different from most. “I’m very sporadic.  Whatever the opposite of structure is, is probably what I am.  I can go four months without writing a single bar.  And then write 10 songs in two days and not sleep.  I’ve just always been that way. It’s kind of hard to control.  It’s just when the inspiration hits the light turns green and I just start writing.”    

You’ve heard of James Corden’s’ carpool karaoke, well Bumps has his car bars inspired by his time in sales. “It was like 95% of everything I wrote including how I got signed to God Over Money, just thinking of stuff driving.”  He admits that he didn’t think people would want to watch another rapper rhyming in a car but, “I was blown away from the response.  The engagement went so well.  It led me to create the album. [Who is Marc James 3]”

When asked what’s missing in Christian Hip Hop, Bumps, who’s been in the space for a long time, says, “I am the least qualified person to judge some.  But I kind of missed the Jesus-centered stuff.  The way I live is so trash I just need Jesus so bad.  I need that encouragement.”

Bumps, who grew up in the inner city believes heavily in the power of authenticity.  “I think we would get a better product [music] if everyone was more authentic to themselves.  I do think people can spot that immediately if there’s some insincerity.”

Being a father has changed the habitual line stepper.  “You change overnight.  My oldest just turned 18 and she’s my mini-me.   Men and women are so different, in so many different ways.  But my oldest daughter is like my best friend.  My twin.  It is pretty wild.  Your priorities shift overnight.  You put things in the proper perspective.   You’re no longer putting your own desires first.”

Coming out of the pandemic, Bumps says that it revealed to him how vulnerable we are as human beings. “You can plan, you can stock up on your pantry, buy water and toilet paper.  You can be rich.  Something like a virus… It made me reflect and think about God…this whole joint is in the palm of his hand.”

Working with the GOM family Bumps says is humbling.  “How did I trick these guys into thinking I was good enough to be here?  You can’t help but be better and be your best at all times.  Knowing at all times that you will get washed if you don’t come correct on a record because of how talented these guys are. Some of the illest dopest rappers I’ve ever met are people you’ve never heard of.  So talented.  There’s only one way to explain it.  God gives us these platforms.  I’m not saying I deserve it.” 

Brittney Griner and the Ukraine

On Feb. 17, 2022, WNBA player Brittney Griner was detained by Russian authorities for possessing a vape pen with hashish oil.  In court, the ball player pled guilty and was sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison.  “I think they’re using her.  It’s a whole war going on in Ukraine,” Dice explains.   “We [Russia] are going to use her to our people back here.”  Turns out she was right.  In December Griner was exchanged for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout “The Merchant of Death” and returned home to the states.

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Brittney Griner, unjust marijuana laws and the war in Ukraine.  And Bumps INF from God Over Money records is talking faith, fatherhood and music.
Bumps INF, GOM
Brittney Griner, unjust marijuana laws, and the war in Ukraine.  Bumps INF drops in to talk faith, fatherhood and music.
Who is Mark James? Volume 3; Bumps INF