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BRM aka Brandon R Music drops “Still Ventin'” (Music Video)

“Still Ventin'” is BRM's sequel to Ventin! As he says, “we all have ways of “venting” or getting things off of our chest. God has given me the ability to write and rap which is a safe place and therapy for me to do that. I felt like I had more to say after my Ventin track, so here goes “Still Ventin'.”

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BRM aka Brandon R Music “Still Ventin'” Lyrics

I’m Still Ventin
Gotta lot to say I guess
I am a man with hair on my chest
Some of us out here they wearing a dress
I do not know
Looking at dude from the old town road
World is sooo crazy
It is a mess
I am a messenger give you the rest

Let me keep writing
….Really have not been inspired
Feeling so tired
Wonder should I go retire
Then I go typing on keys and im fire
Call me a liar I dont care
40 years old and im losing my hair
hearing impaired ??
why aren’t you rocking me hes yelling again
im getting scared

Take a deep breath

You MR T Im rocky in 3
Knocking me out… I am not beat
GOD always picking me up
Building my strength training with CREED

Not talking Michael B Jordan
Im out here soaring tongue in the air
I will not be no Apollo
Keep talking that ISH

THIS dude supposed to be christian hespitting the facts
I do not listen to those in the back
You are not close to me aint hearing that
Headphones on turn it up fast
I can listen to critique
And people who teach
dont want opinions dont give em to me
hear the beat starting to build we picking up steam
Dont tell me what I should be doing
Cuz If aint GOD… im not pursing
People out here man they stretching the word
Fitting agendas make it congruent
Noooooo thanks

I do not like where we headed we teaching the KIDS thangs
Starts in the home
Talking that Jesus not teaching hate
All of this kinda talk aint no debate

GOD love us all
No longer slave in this world I am set free
I got the green
light im out on the court Shooting the 3s
shooting my shot
I am here whether you like it or not
Wont follow you
Your not my shepherd I aint a sheep

..Do not MANDATE me thats makes me angry
Im a get angsty quit tryna play me
Try to shove something right down in my throat
throwing it up aint feeling good lately
Making me crazy

That is OK , some of these things they brings me right down to my knees
probably where Jesus want me to go and he want me to be
We can pretend that we got all the answers
But we just dont
Everyone flapping they gums
Believe in a GOD or you dont We lookin like a jokes

Im am so sick of the world And I think that Im right
guess that just make me like you in his sight
Like I am not falling short from his heights
Well never be HIM that aint even might

……. Still a lil beat left
Still got some breath
Im a keep going this time
Always feel like I got something to say so I put em in rhymes

Starting to feel like we up in the end of the world
Im seeing the signs
How about you
I see the signs

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