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BRM – OooWeee

The brother with the immediately identifiable voice is back. As he says “Let HIM go dot them (i's) cross them (T's) yeeee, GOD with the artwork, I am not here to just wreck these beats OOOWEEEEE!!”

Let him go and dot them eyes
Cross them T’s Yeeeee
Ahhh GOD wit the artwork
I am not here just wreck these beat flee
Know what to do here
Even the blind yo they bout to see
GO and let the spirt go lead me ugh Everybody up

Hearing this beat
Had to hop on
thought it was fun
Sat in the studio
I started typing
Pounding the keys
was feeling it ughhhh

I like to have a good time when I write
dodging and weaving you know I come nice
Stanky face on you that my look
I told you that I am a 7 but wife lookin gooooood
She is a ten Im rapping like that
You do not like it I go get the bat
I am just playing swinging at demons
I am an ump I call what im seeing
Let me go and break it down real quick
God gave me purpose
So go and get the meal ticket
You aint got it yet then you feeling like your soul missing
Better listen up if you aint then the words written ugghhhhh


……..Let me come back in again
Dont want you in hell I am a friend
wanna speak life w/ these lyrics not leave ya dead
Heard what I said
GOD made us new
Like the inside of a car
Smelling so fresh
Took it to far yo I guess
Ok Let me go and feed you these lines
Go and give GOD my best

I am here bringing the seasoning come up with sauce
Jesus he came for us not without cost
Im the employee he is the boss
But leave it to me to go finding the loss
Sometimes I forget that
Then he go remind me get back
Up On the horse no break no Kit Kat

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