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BRM/Mr. Parakeet/Eliana Marie/Lil Z Rios/MJ BRM Presents – Yea they Kids Cypher

NOT your ordinary kids! Mr. Parakeet, Eliana Marie, Rios & MJ assembled a cypher titled “Yea They Kids”. Here at Holy Culture, we encourage and support kids who desire to walk in their faith, hone in on their gifts and talents while also serving the kingdom.

Kids are such a great example of having something called “blind faith’. This means believing in God wholeheartedly without any evidence. As adults, maybe we should take a few notes! Check it out!

These are not some ordinary little kids Uhh uhhhhh
Out here bringing GOD they talking Kingdom biz oh yeeaaa
They be on a hunded tell you how it is
Yea they kids Jesus told us thats how we should go and live

Mr Parakeet Verse

GOD tell us to live it like them little kids
we are gods children and we can do some
amazing things
this track is so dope
we are not those ordinary beings
people say that Christian music boring haven’t seen this

share the word of his
talking kingdom biz
not some normal kids
When we wanting GOD do not have to bid
Do not have to bid

Devil comes along hit’em with the fist
When I go with GOD man I can resist
went to the cross died for our sins
Spawned with a new life skydiving

Like in fortnite emote with a dance
Wont leave it to chance
Im up in his hands

Baby Yoda with the force we can do a lot
Yes we can
Yea we small but our words are rocks they gonna land

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