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Brothers Proclaiming Truth – Still BPT

It is exciting to see so many worked to share their faith through art over the years either continue or come back to it. Brothers Proclaiming Truth (BPT) is yet another example.

Their story in their words:
First things first, all praise and thanks are due to Almighty God and His Son Christ Jesus! Also a special thank you to brother Frank Lee (Above SEE Level) for his encouragement, inspiration, and contributions. Basically, we are a Christian hip-hop group that started out around the year 1990-91. We put out 2 EPs, 1 in 1992 titled Brothers in Christ and the other in 1994 titled Another Invasion.

After five years of outreach music ministry in various parts of the United States, the group split up for personal reasons in 1995. Now in the year 2021 after 20 plus years, somehow by the grace of God, we have been allowed the opportunity to reconnect, reunite and return to reinvent and revisit Brothers Proclaiming Truth (BPT). We are excited about our brand new release single titled STILL BPT! We hope and pray every listener will not only enjoy it but that it would plant many seeds and touch many hearts to the saving of souls to God be all the glory. Amen

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