BrvndonP – Back To My Roots

Released in 2022, and Featuring Miles Minnick, Back to My Roots is the latest from BrvndonP. The video was released over 3 weeks ago. This song has so much energy. It is more than just a Christian hip-hop or rap song. It features the style that BrvndonP is noted for. He talks about being back in the scene, being back in the music industry, and how much he’s gone through in his life. It’s all thanks to God that he overcame these obstacles. He talks about some of the important things, about having hit songs before college and things like that.

While the lyrics and the message are important to focus on, what fans can’t stop talking about online is just how incredible this song is. It has such an amazing beat and it’s not just that BrvndonP is an amazing singer, the video also features Miles Minnick as well as other talented individuals.

This song is the first track of his album, The Bottom Line, which was released on May 6th, 2022. The featured artist on this album is, of course, Miles Minnick. In a sense, you get to know BrvndonP and his style throughout this entire album. He is starting to get back to the original style that he had while still retaining the Christian lyrics and gospel message in his music.

This is a good way to do this because people can relate to it. They think that they are getting the traditional hip-hop and rap styles, but in actuality, they are also getting the gospel in their music as well.