From Bullying to Bestselling Author: Dee-1’s Inspiring Story of Overcoming

In this episode, we discuss hip hop, gambling, and the importance of faith. We welcome artist, author and Harvard Fellow, Dee-1 who is shares his inspiring journey in the music industry, his commitment to his Christian faith, and his children’s book about bullying. The conversation touches on the significance of Dee-1’s new album “Uno” and its empowering message for underdogs and outcasts. We also delve into personal growth, the importance of embracing newness in Christ, and the need for change and fresh perspectives.

Celebrating Birthdays and Embracing Work

We kicked off the show by discussing Dice Gamble’s birthday. Dice shared her plans to go gambling, sparking a discussion about potential gambling problems. However, Dice reassured us that she’s in control. We also discussed the importance of showing up for work, even on birthdays, and Dice’s intention to have a quiet day for writing.

The Mission of the Show

We then delved into the mission of our show, which is to expose the culture to positive and relevant music centered around Jesus Christ. We teased upcoming segments, including an interview with the artist Dee-1, who has written a children’s book about bullying.

Dee-1’s Journey in Music and Faith

Dee-1, our special guest, shared his faith journey and how he became a teacher to be more like Christ in his communication with people. He discussed the similarities between teaching and rapping, both requiring a platform and an audience to convey a message. Dee-1 emphasized his desire to make music that reflects his faith and the realities of life, rather than labeling himself as a Christian rapper or not.

Disagreements and Discernment

We also discussed a recent disagreement between Dee-1 and Reach Records co-founder, Lecrae, regarding the word “ratchet” and its impact on black culture. Dee-1 emphasized the need for believers to be discerning about the words and lifestyles they embrace. He expressed his disappointment with Lecrae’s release of a t-shirt related to the controversy, feeling that the actions were more focused on monetization than ministry.

David’s Anti-Bullying Children’s Book

We then shifted our focus to a children’s book written by David, the artist known as Dee-1. The book, an anti-bullying inspirational hip hop children’s book, is written in rhymes and tells the story of finding one’s slingshot in life, just like David defeating Goliath. David shared his experiences of being bullied as a child and his desire to help elementary school students internalize positive messages.

The Power of Hip Hop and Mental Health

We also discussed the power of hip hop as an agent for social change and the mental health component of hip hop. We acknowledged that some artists in the industry may need therapy and healing but are instead exploited for their gifts.

Embracing Newness and Growth

Our conversation then turned to the concept of being new and how it relates to our faith. We emphasized the importance of addressing personal demons and seeking help to become better. We also discussed the need for new fruit in one’s life and how God makes all things new.

Celebrating Birthdays and Trusting God’s Path

As we celebrated Dice Gamble’s birthday, we reflected on the lessons we have learned from God. We emphasized the importance of trusting God’s path and not trying to do things our own way. We also reflected on the mistakes we made when we were younger and how following God’s guidance can save us from headaches and stress.

Standing Up Against Bullies

Finally, we discussed the issue of bullying and the importance of standing up against bullies. We shared our experiences with bullying and how it shaped our views on the issue. We concluded by encouraging our listeners to check out Dee-1’s book and his latest music project, titled “Uno.”

In conclusion, our conversation was a rich blend of discussions on hip hop, faith, and the power of newness. We hope that our listeners found it as engaging and enlightening as we did.

From Bullying to Bestselling Author Dee-1 Alt Image
From Bullying to Best Selling Author Dee-1 with Paw Paw
Dee-1 pictured with his beloved Paw Paw


The importance of living in newness (00:04:36) Discussion about living in newness and exploring why people are not fully embracing their newness in Christ.

The significance of being in the Word of God (00:07:29) Emphasis on the importance of being in the Word of God and how it helps Christians to respond to challenges and grow in their faith.

Upcoming interview with Dee-1 about his children’s book on bullying (00:06:15) Introduction to the upcoming interview with Dee-1, who has written a children’s book that addresses bullying and provides practical tips for dealing with it.

The importance of living in newness and being in the Word of God (00:08:05) Discussion on the importance of living in newness and being in the Word of God in order to detox spiritually.

David Finds His Slingshot (00:09:25) Spiritual Detox tease the upcoming interview with the artist Dee-1, who has written a children’s book about bullying.

The decision to do music for God (00:11:28) The decision to do music for God and how it was influenced by his faith journey and personal experiences.

The importance of living in newness and being in the Word of God (00:16:42) The speaker reflects on his past mistakes and how he made a promise to God to be bold and shine his light in the music industry.

The disagreement on the word “ratchet” and its influence on believers (00:19:37) Discusses his interview where he expressed his views on being righteous and relevant, and how it led to a disagreement with another artist on the definition of “ratchet” and its impact on the Christian community.

Balancing business and ministry in the music industry (00:23:55) Discussion about the challenges of balancing business and ministry in the music industry, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing ministry over business aspirations.

The importance of living in newness and being in the Word of God (00:25:50) Discussion about the author’s first children’s book, which focuses on finding one’s slingshot in life and making real change in the world.

The mental health component of hip hop (00:30:16) Exploration of the state of mental health in hip hop, including the elevation of sick individuals in leadership positions and the exploitation of artists by the industry.

Building relationships and bridging the gap in the music industry (00:31:47) Conversation about the author’s backstage conversations with mainstream artists, including Lupe Fiasco, Killer Mike, Kodak Black, and Lil Boosie, and the importance of building relationships and providing hope in the industry.

Uno: The 10th Album (00:34:45) Discussion about the artist’s 10th album, “Uno,” and its significance as an acronym for underdogs and outcasts.

Collaborating with Miles (00:37:26) Talking about working with the artist Miles Minnick and the synergy they found spiritually in their collaboration.

My Joy is My Weapon (00:39:50) Exploring the song “My Joy is My Weapon” and its impact on listeners, emphasizing the power of joy as a weapon in life.

Becoming New (00:42:45) Discussion on the importance of being new and changing behaviors to become a new creation in Christ.

The Challenge of Change (00:43:13) Exploration of why some people struggle with the idea of doing something new and the difficulty of changing old habits.

Living a Purpose-Driven Life (00:47:13) Talk about the importance of living a purpose-driven life and seeking the Lord in order to experience new things and meet new people.

Self-Care and Fitness (00:56:13) The importance of self-care and fitness in one’s life, and how it can contribute to overall well-being and living a healthy lifestyle.

Living in Newness (00:51:15) Embracing new perspectives, being open to learning, understanding one’s purpose, and seeking God’s guidance in order to grow and make progress in life.

Being Transparent and Walking in Freedom (00:53:53) The significance of being transparent about one’s struggles and past, letting go of condemnation, and embracing the newness that comes with a relationship with Christ.

The importance of living in newness (00:59:14) Discussion about forgetting the past, embracing newness, and the promise of loving the new.

Shopping and spending habits (01:00:02) Conversation about shopping and buying new things, with references to a song and personal experiences.

Birthday celebration and giving (01:01:11) Discussion about celebrating birthdays, asking for blessings, and the importance of giving to others.

Bullying and Respect (01:07:31) Discussion on upbringing and the lack of understanding regarding bullying due to a different cultural perspective.

Protection and Generation Differences (01:08:30) Reflection on the 90’s generation being protected from bullies and the sympathy for the current generation lacking that protection.

Projects (01:09:10) Promotion of the artist Dee-1’s children’s book, new album, and upcoming projects.