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Wow!  I can breathe for a second and then back to work for me!

I won’t comment about everyday that I haven’t blogged, but I’ll write about yesterday and that’ll give you a good idea what everyday I haven’t blogged has been like!

Yesterday I woke up @ 6am, prayed and then straightened up the living room and my daughter’s room.  Then I CLEANED up the kitchen and washed the dishes and pots (yes there is a difference between “straightening up” & “cleaning”).

Next, I went upstairs in the studio and wrote 3 collab verses.  1 was with Cephas (the man who produced “Full Time” “UsAWhat” & “I Anticipate Tomorrow”).  The song is called “Runners” and the concept is “what’s done in the dark will come to the light.”  I wrote another verse for my girl Atia Evans (up and coming femcee out of Cincinnati).  The song is called “Can’t Be Free For Long” and I came from the perspective of without Christ, you won’t be free for long to do whatever you want.  My final verse was written for my dude Phlo and a few other emcees for this song called “Represent His Name”  I love that joint and I tried to get a lil lyrical with that verse.  I recorded all 3 verses yesterday and bounced 2 of the 3 songs’ wav files for mixing.  I’ma do 1 here in a minute.

I also had to prepare a package for Bus @ The Bus Shop because he needed more “BoomBaptism” CDs (praise God!).  So I shipped him out some and 2 more to other supporters who bought BoomBaptism.  I went to the post office and mailed those out.

I got home, kicked it with the fam for a sec and then I had to pick up a few dudes that I’m starting to mentor.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate good and talked about the future.  They are only in the 8th and 9th grade, but this is the perfect time for me to share my testimony with them b/c I was in the 8th grade when I gave my life to the Lord!

We left BW3’s and went to the Billiards spot next door and played an hour of pool for $3.50 (can’t beat that with a stick!).  It was fun and they showed me their version of the “Stanky Leg.”  I was getting weak.

I dropped them off and then when Charde got done ministering to the females, she came home and we watched LOST!  I’m excited b/c this show keeps getting better and better!  The plot is always thickening.

I tried to reply to myspace notes that night, but I fell asleep on the couch.  Charde did too!

This morning, I woke up at 6:30am, straightened up the living room & Naima’s room and then cleaned the bathroom.  D-MAUB was suppose to come over to work on some music, but he had to attend some other family things (which he knew I would understand).  Now I’m bout to work on a few beats before we go to the Zoo!

Before I go, I plan on putting up a new song by Charde sometime today on myspace and on this blog.  So stay tuned.  Also, I just heard the “Sammy Sosa On Em” remix and it put a huge grin on my face.  I love it because it’s so different. It’s a reggaeton remix and it’s amazing.  Same beat but with a reggaeton feel.  Check it out on the holyculture homepage.  By the way, I had nothing to do with this other than allowing the instrumental to be downloaded 🙂

Bless God always!


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