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AppleJaxx_805_SingleCoverphotoLetita Martin (Working My Faith - The Single)

Check Out C.L.E Radio as Doc interviews Applejaxx, DJ Eklectic (The newest C.L.E affiliate!), and Letita Martin

as she Works her Faith.

C.L.E Radio

1. Money, S.White, Mixtape:Untitled
2. Bow Down, Pro, Redemption
3. Hold On, Flame, Our World: Redeemed
4. Deliver Us, Tonic, The Dash
5. The IV (Electric Blend), Braille, The IV
6. Applejaxx Interview, Applejaxx, C.L.E Radio
7. 805, Applejaxx, Single Release
8. DJ Eklectic Interview, DJ Eklectic, C.L.E Radio
9. I’m a Saint, Lecrae, Rebel
10. Letita Martin Interview, Letita Martin, C.L.E Radio
11. Working My Faith, Letita Martin, Single Release
12. Top Now, Hee Sun Lee, Re:Defined
13. Decypher, MuzeONE, The Back Burner
14. Grizzly, Theory Hazit, Lord Fire
15. For What, theBREAX, Restocked
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