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Crazy Tones

D-Maub Tells us about his new Crazy Tones Coming out the 10th of August, available at HCD, click here.

This interview was crazy for real. Yung Hayte and D-Maub chopped it up and

D-Maub Made Yung Hayte cry..but Yung Hayte had a secret of his own..get

ready for a crazy show.


1. Push Ignore, Yung Hayte, Hayte Tonez (Coming Soon)
2. Not Angel, Illusent, Can I Have Fun?
3. Say Goodbye, Willie Will, Say Goodbye
4. Born Dead, V.O.Y.C.E, The Relationships
5. Do Yo Piece, Blaze, He Reigns
6. D-Maub Interview Part 1, D-Maub, C.L.E Radio
7. Crazy Tones, D-Maub, Crazy Tones
8. Crazy Tones, D-Maub, Crazy Tones
9. D-Maub Interview Part 2, D-Maub, C.L.E Radio
10. Crazy Tones, D-Maub, Crazy Tones
11. Crazy Tones, D-Maub, Crazy Tones
12. D-Maub Interview Part 3, D-Maub, C.L.E Radio
12. Holy Holy Holy, Blaze, He Reigns
14. Crazy Tones, D-Maub, Crazy Tones
15. I Go Hard, Lil Prophet, Versatile
16. I’m a Slave, D-Maub, The Follow Up
17. Fire Away, Shonlock, Its Official Hip Hop Remixed
18. Kobe Bryant On Em, Sho Baraka, Barakology
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