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Is it possible for couples to live together without having sex for at least six months? Is it a sin for them to them to live together in the first place? Sean and Cook talk about their personal experience and take ham calls as well.

Ham89_Can couples live together without having sex before marriage?

–Sean and Cook takes Callers

Mix Set 1
Trinty 57–Listen ( Hip Hop Blend )
Richie Righteous–Who You Represent
This’l–Windows Down

–Part 1

Mix Set 2
G Notes– Magic City ft. Pettidee
Victory ( Feat.Canton Jones )–What It Look Like
Sean Slaughter–What’s is Name
Canton Jones–Hater Day ( Classic Blend )

–Part 2

Mix Set 3
Fred Hammond–L.O.U.D. L.O.U.D.
Jason Champion–Always
Israel–I Just want To Say

–Thon em Hour
–Last Words

Couple’s and premarital sex

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