Communication, Commitment, and the Healing Power of Music; an Honest Conversation with Dr. Charles Jenkins.

On this episode of Da Fixx, we were thrilled to have multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, contemporary gospel star, worship pastor, and music mogul, Dr. Charles Jenkins, as our guest.

Gratitude and Generosity: The Cornerstones of Our Show

We started the episode by expressing our gratitude for the opportunity to share our thoughts and encourage our listeners through our radio show. We believe in the power of generosity and the importance of being willing to bless others. It’s a principle that we hold dear and one that we hope resonates with our listeners.

Celebrating Young Achievers and the Importance of Education

We highlighted the achievement of a 15-year-old girl from Oklahoma who graduated from college with honors. This remarkable feat underscores the significance of education and the potential of our young black graduates. We encourage more young black students to pursue higher education and strive for excellence.

A Candid Conversation with Dr. Charles Jenkins

We were excited to have Dr. Charles Jenkins on our show to discuss his latest EP, “Gospel Music Changed My Life.” Before diving into the music, we explored his views on marriages within the Christian community, especially given the number of marriages that have crumbled during the pandemic. Dr. Jenkins emphasized the importance of communication, commitment, and seeking God’s guidance in maintaining a strong and healthy marriage. His insights were enlightening and we appreciated his openness on the topic.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Relationships

Dr. Jenkins also discussed the impact of the pandemic on relationships and marriages. He believes that the pandemic forced people to spend more time together, leading to conflicts and challenges. Financial issues also contribute to relationship problems. However, he emphasized the importance of fortifying friendships and having a deep appreciation for each other, despite flaws and disagreements.

Charles Jenkins: The Journey of a Musician

Dr. Jenkins shared his journey as a musician, how he initially resisted the idea of becoming an artist, and how God led him to pursue music. He had to reinvent himself and embrace a new version of himself. His latest EP, “Gospel Music Changed My Life,” is a tribute to his gospel choir days in high school and features a mix of contemporary and traditional music. He believes in creating music that brings joy and celebrates the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

Embracing Technology: A Necessity in Today’s World

We discussed the importance of embracing technology in today’s world. Learning how to use technology can be challenging, especially for those who are not familiar with it. However, it’s essential for various aspects of life, such as education, healthcare, job applications, and communication. We shared personal experiences of using devices like the Apple Watch and Alexa to stay connected with family members and ensure their safety.

The Importance of VPN and Continuous Learning

Dice Gamble emphasized the importance of using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect personal information while using devices connected to the internet. He also stressed the importance of having a hard copy of important information, such as investments, in case of internet outages. We encourage our listeners to ask for help and learn from others, regardless of their background, in order to expand their knowledge and skills.

The Future of Transportation and the Power of Solar Energy

We also touched on the future of transportation, specifically electric cars. We expressed our desire for Elon Musk to create a larger electric SUV to accommodate taller individuals. Dice mentioned the benefits of investing in solar panels and how it can eventually pay off.

To connect with Dr. Charles Jenkins please visit his website And remember to catch this wave weekday mornings at 6 est. on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM, Channel 154!

Communication, Commitment, and the Healing Power of Music; a Honest Conversation with Dr. Charles Jenkins.


The importance of generosity [00:01:12] Encouraging listeners to be generous and bless others, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on their lives.

Highlighting a 15-year-old girl’s graduation [00:03:42] Discussing the achievement of Shania Muhammad, a 15-year-old girl from Oklahoma who graduated from college with honors, and the importance of education.

Interview with Charles Jenkins [00:10:03] Welcoming Charles Jenkins, a multi-award winning singer, songwriter, producer, contemporary gospel star, worship pastor, and music mogul, to discuss his new EP and the impact of gospel music.

Conflict during the pandemic [00:10:37] Discussion about how the pandemic forced people to be together, resulting in conflicts and challenges in relationships.

Rethinking the covenant of marriage [00:13:08] Exploration of how the culture is leading people to reconsider the concept of marriage and family, and the importance of holding to traditional values.

Creative process and musical influences [00:17:14] Charles Jenkins talks about his diverse musical influences and how staying close to the Creator helps him stay creative in his music-making process.

God’s Unexpected Path [00:22:47] Charles Jenkins talks about how he never wanted to be an artist, but God led him in that direction.

Learning to Adapt [00:24:10] Charles Jenkins shares his experience of being thrust into the music industry and having to learn on the go.

Overview of the EP [00:27:48] The inspiration behind his EP “Gospel Music Changed My Life” and the different genres and messages represented in the songs.

Understanding Technology and Applications [00:35:00] The hosts discuss the importance of understanding technology, including audio and video editing, software applications, and the differences between various laptop brands.

The Significance of Technology in Everyday Life [00:36:03] The hosts emphasize the importance of technology in various aspects of life, such as healthcare, job applications, accessing information, and applying for college or government assistance.

The Potential Risks and Benefits of Technology [00:40:47] The hosts discuss both the positive and negative aspects of technology, including the ability to connect with family members remotely, voice recognition in alarm systems for emergency situations, and the risks associated with scams and fraud in the digital world.

The importance of VPN and data security [00:45:53] Speaker 2 discusses the importance of using a VPN to protect personal information and secure online transactions.

Investing and financial advice [00:46:51] Speaker 2 shares advice on investing, including using a ledger, having a hard copy of financial information, and seeking guidance from experienced individuals.

The need for continuous learning and helping others [00:51:23] The hosts emphasize the importance of continuous learning, staying updated with technology, and sharing knowledge to help others in the community.

The importance of technology and staying ahead [00:55:25] Discussion on the need to evolve and understand technology to avoid being left behind, especially in black and brown communities.

The future of electric vehicles and solar energy [00:56:17] Highlighting the shift towards electric and solar energy, and the importance of investing in technology and renewable resources.