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CHH absolutely saves lives! In 2018, it changed mine forever!

In life there are moments we never forget.  Good, bad and ugly.  The moments that change our lives forever.  I remember when I stopped listening to radio.  Tired of songs about sex, drugs and murder, Hip Hop left me broken hearted.  Even my favorite artists weren’t giving me what I needed. 

Like ma dukes, I found solace in gospel music.  But honestly, it didn’t hit like Hip Hop.  I never felt like I belonged in the traditional gospel community, but it was all I had and I was in desperate need of God in my life and didn't know CHH even existed.

Then one day while listening to my go to, Mahalia Jackson on YouTube; Datin popped up on my side bar.  It had to be God, because I can’t recall what made me click but I did, and it changed my life.  That was 2018.   

This is why, in conjunction with #nationalhiphopmonth we are celebrating 40 years of street ministry by taking you on a journey thru the Eras of Christian Hip Hop starting with the 80’s!  For those who know, we celebrate.  For those who don’t, we educate.  And just like the early pioneers of CHH; Holy Culture Radio is committed to spreading the gospel by any means necessary. 

Av, The Intern

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August 28, 2019
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