Prosperity Gospel and CHH: Double ATL on the Double Standard in Music

On this episode of Da Fixx Radio Show we have an engaging conversation with our guest, Double ATL, a talented musician and producer. We’re talking Atlanta Music, the prosperity gospel in CHH and what’s next for the rapper. In our real talk segments, we touch on various topics, including mental health, disaster preparedness, and new music releases.

Mental Health: Let Go and Let God

In our discussion, we emphasized the importance of mental health and the need to surrender our worries and stresses to God. We shared our personal experiences of struggling and finding peace in surrendering to God’s will. We highlighted the significance of rest, prayer, and trusting in God’s plan.

Double ATL: A Beacon of Faith and Creativity

We introduced our guest, Double ATL, who we admire for his work and the impact he has had on the music industry, particularly in Atlanta. We commended his faith and creativity, and he shared his experiences in the music industry and the challenges he has faced. He talked about the dedication and hard work required to succeed, even on a limited budget.

Preparing for Disasters: Lessons from the Wildfires

Our conversation took a serious turn as we discussed the recent wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, and the tragic loss of lives. We talked about the need to prepare for disasters and have conversations with loved ones about evacuation plans. We expressed our prayers and support for those affected by the wildfires and hope for the island to recover and rebuild.

New Music Releases: KB’s Latest Project and More

We transitioned to discussing new music releases, including KB’s latest project and the summer playlist from Reach Records. We also talked about Double ATL’s latest single featuring Dre Murray. Double shared his relationship with Dre and how they collaborated on the song. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with talented artists like Dre and Sean Bergen.

Unity in the Music Industry: A Growing Trend

We touched on the topic of unity in the music industry. Double reflected on how the hip-hop community has grown in terms of collaboration and support among artists. He mentioned that in the past, there were more divisions based on different beliefs and locations. However, with the rise of social media, artists from different places can now come together and create music without boundaries.

The Prosperity Gospel in the Music Industry: A Balanced Perspective

Double ATL discussed the topic of prosperity in the music industry. He mentioned how some artists criticize the prosperity message, yet they themselves charge high fees for their performances. He believes in walking in line with God’s will and trusting Him as a provider. He emphasized the importance of financial stability and leaving a legacy for his children.

Disaster Preparedness: A Call to Action

We shifted the conversation to the recent wildfires in Hawaii and California. We expressed our concern and empathy for those affected by the fires. We discussed the risks of living on an island and the challenges faced in evacuating during such disasters. We also reflected on the significance of these events as reminders of the finite nature of life and the need to prioritize salvation from sin.

The Importance of Community Support

We discussed the importance of having a supportive community and gave shoutouts to the Sanctuary and Stephen Gibbs for providing a great stage for worship. We also mentioned Sergio Croom for giving us a platform to worship God in front of people.

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Rock Your Faith with CHH University

We mentioned CHH University, a place to buy faith-filled urban gear, including shirts, hats, mugs, and socks. We emphasized the importance of rocking your faith and supporting kingdom branding.

Your Feedback Matters

We thank our listeners for their comments and encourage them to continue sending real talk topics. However, we mentioned that there is a criteria for selecting topics to discuss on the show and not all topics may be suitable for our platform.

This episode was a rich blend of discussions on mental health, music, disaster preparedness, and more. We hope you found it informative and engaging. Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the show.

Prosperity Gospel and CHH: Double ATL on the Double Standard in Music
Double ATL and the cast of the Mecca the Series
The Prosperity Gospel in music: Double ATL on the Double Standard in music


Mental Health Awareness [00:00:59] Discussion on the importance of mental health awareness and the impact it can have on one’s life.

Preparing for Disasters [00:03:40] Conversation about the recent wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, and the need to prepare for disasters in today’s world.

Introduction of Double ATL [00:06:19] Introduction of Double ATL as a guest on the show and recognition of his influence in the music industry.

The grind of running a radio show [00:09:46] The hosts discuss the hard work and dedication required to run a radio show, including the challenges of staying within budget.

Balancing personal life and career [00:10:21] Double ATL talks about the difficulties of balancing his radio show, music career, and family life, leading to a period of disconnection and the need to reconnect with his loved ones.

Staying relevant in the music industry [00:12:26] Double ATL shares his journey of staying relevant in the music industry as he gets older, overcoming doubts about his age and embracing his unique sound.

Dre Murray collaboration [00:20:20] Double ATL talks about working with Dre Murray and their relationship over the years.

No Love Lost collaboration [00:21:43] Double ATL discusses how his collaborations with other artists, such as Dre Murray and Sean Bergen, came about.

Unity in the music industry [00:25:11] Double ATL reflects on the growth of unity among artists in the industry and the shift towards collaboration and support.

The prosperity message debate [00:29:31] Double ATL discusses the criticism he received for preaching prosperity while other artists charged high fees for appearances.

Preparing for wildfires and natural disasters [00:31:25] The hosts discuss the recent wildfires in Hawaii and California, expressing concern and discussing the need for preparation and evacuation plans.

Government response to natural disasters [00:37:35] The government’s role in responding to natural disasters and the need for improvement in terms of timeliness and support for affected areas.

Preparing for Disasters [00:42:42] Tips on how to prepare for disasters, including having fire extinguishers, emergency kits, and evacuation plans.

Wildfires in Hawaii [00:41:19] Discussion about the wildfires in Hawaii, the significance of the location, and the need for faster response and preparation.

Tips for Keeping Homes Safe [00:46:14] Advice on keeping homes safe from fires, including checking fire hazards, having emergency supplies, and designing landscapes for wildlife safety.

Preparing for Emergencies [00:51:01] Discussion on the importance of having emergency kits, including phone numbers, cash, and necessary supplies.

Health Precautions during Disasters [00:52:03] Importance of paying attention to health symptoms and having necessary medications and equipment during disasters like wildfires.

Importance of Cash in Emergencies [00:53:28] Discussion on the need to have cash on hand in case of emergencies where credit cards may not be accepted.

The Atlanta music scene [00:59:58] Discussion about the Atlanta music scene in the past, specifically during the “sanctuary times” and the influence of Stephen Gibbs and Sergio Croom.

Promoting their YouTube channel [01:00:31] Encouraging listeners to follow and subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they have backstage interviews with Christian hip hop and gospel artists.

Upcoming giveaways and merchandise [01:01:51] Announcement of upcoming giveaways on their social media platforms and promotion of their merchandise at CHH University including shirts, hats, and socks.