Childlike Cici – Never Be The Same

This song is absolutely incredible! It starts off very sweet and mellow, but once CiCi starts rapping the song just elevates to a whole different level. It turns into a style of song that you weren’t really expecting. Who knows that a Christian rap song could have such a mellow and emotional feel to it, but at the same time they have such fire and passion in it?

That is thanks to Childlike Cici and her vocal skills as well as the poetic nature of the lyrics. The video itself is an incredible visual because it is based on a true story, so in essence, you are getting to see the actual testimony. The song is a testament to the glory of God and just how good he is and how he can turn anyone’s life around.

Cici delves into very deep topics in the lyrics, touching on personal events of her life. Drawing from personal experiences is always a good thing for an artist to do because it helps the listeners or the viewers relate to them better. Many people in the comment section on YouTube have stated that because of the personal nature of this song, they feel like this song has a better message about God. That’s because it is felt more deeply and emotionally than a lot of the other songs that are out there.

CiCi has collaborated with other artists in this video. You can see all of their talents as well. That only serves to enhance the overall song and make it even better for the listeners. This song is not only a passion project of Cici, it is a testimony that will resonate with everyone. Childlike CiCi is an absolutely incredible artist that we can expect many more great projects from.