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Christian Beef…Tasty

Published on March 16, 2009

seanslaughterarticle-50kanye-200-christianraparticleBeef. It is the chewy nutrient that has kept hip hop sales healthy over the last couple of years. Remember the Kanye vs. 50 cent battle over who would sell more records? That was fun Beef. But for the most part, beef has been anything but delightful. 50 cent engaged in beef with Rick Ross and its gotten pretty ugly (shopping for furs anyone?). But we expect this from worldly rappers; they will do anything to bring attention to themselves. But is beef allowed in Christian hip hop?

My first response is yes. Most beef these days is aired out through video, blogs, forums, and websites. People also beef within the music, but let’s not include music beefs in this discussion. Disagreements are a part of life and we all have issues. Some times, things need to be said so other minds and voices can get involved.  Beef (or confrontation to the non-hip hopian), usually happens before resolution. And when done in a Biblical way, which is through honesty, love and grace, beef can sometimes be healthy.

But what about when this beef is used as a marketing tool to gain attention and popularity? This is where the buck should stop. I know people, we all love a little drama in our lives and there is nothing better than a juicy scoop or story. As I do my Ham Sandwich Show (, I am constantly reminding myself to get the truth and give the Truth during interviews. It’s tempting to attack the interviewee with accusations and questions to provoke them to say something crazy so I could promote some drama. But artists, DJ’s, websites, and other media folk need to be mindful of how they are presenting issues or tough subjects. There is a way that is pleasing to the Lord, but there is also a way that borders on National Enquirer-ish. Point blank, if you use beef and drama as your marketing tool, you’re dead wrong and you’re no better than Jerry Springer or Maury.

Let us voice our concerns and work toward solutions to the issues at hand. But do not use these instances to forcefully create a name for yourself. Because too much beef can potentially clog the heart and will ruin you faster than it brought you attention.


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Written by Sean Slaughter, a Christian Hip-Hop Artist and Radio Personality.  Feel free to check out his latest project “Man on Fire” on  For additional info on his ministry visit:

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