Christian Hip Hop and Christian Rap Record Pools

There are a few record pools out there on the internet to serve as a valuable resource for Christian Hip Hop and Christian Rap artists. Here is a short list of the ones we know about.

What is a record pool?
A record pool is a method of music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play on media outlets such as AM/FM radio, internet radio, satellite radio, podcasts, Christian cafes, and concert venues. Indie artists and record labels send their newest releases to the pool, and in exchange, the pool “breaks” the music and provides valuable feedback on them.

Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool: (formerly Holy Culture Record Pool)
This record pool was founded by Vic Padilla and Damon O’brien. It is now owned and operated by Damon (aka DJ D-Lite). This record pool is one of the best on the net, and comes highly regarded by us. The Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool is constantly being updated with new music, and their custom music delivery system is second to none. If you want a quality Christian Hip Hop record pool, then this is the place to check out! Visit them today @

Higher Ground Record Pool
Higher Ground Record Pool  members collectedly play a key role in creating the “buzz” on the streets for labels upcoming releases by “breaking it first”. To break new music is not; waiting until our brothers and sisters on Radio have played the song and then decide to play the same song. Please! Do not wait for the song to become a hit; it’s our responsibility to break new music FIRST! Normally releases are received 30-60 days prior to becoming available to commercial radio and music stores.  Go to for more info.

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