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Many of you may have already heard of the name S.O.C.O.M. from the United States, but Europe is now hearing of this name as well. S.O.C.O.M. is living in Belgium and beginning a Christian Hip Hop movement that was little to non-existent in Belgium and Germany areas by bringing tours and artist’s such as Canton Jones, Flame, Dwayne Tryumf, JayMay, and Purified throughout the two countries to begin a new movement for Christian Hip Hop in these areas. S.O.C.O.M. has recently been doing shows and events all across Belgium, Germany, and Portugal regardless of the language barrier and is being accepted by the local communities and other Christian’s/Non-Christian’s within the countries where Christianity is slowly fading. S.O.C.O.M. states, “I am being used by God to plant seeds in these countries and pray that I can do as much as I can God willing to make an impact in the lives of the people over here. I want to see them have a relationship with God and not just go to a church service because their parent’s went and because they are bored and nothing better to do. I will do as much as possible to bring back a passion for God for the younger generation by putting on relevant events which are only used as tools to ultimately point them back to the true and living God and get them plugged into their local ministries.”

S.O.C.O.M. is no stranger to planting and executing events in areas that were little to non-existent to Christian Hip Hop in which he started MidWest Music Fest in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This event featured artist’s such as Lecrae, Da Truth, Mark J, Lil Prophet, Dillon Chase, Apaulsoul, JayMay, C-Micah, Verbal Contact, and many, many more artist’s from across the country in a location that was at one time against Christian Hip Hop. The event grew in only two years from 150 attendees to over 1,200 attendees with numerous people accepting Christ and getting plugged back into the local churches. Now Colorado has events such as HeavenFest which features Top Christian Hip Hop Artist’s from across the country. S.O.C.O.M. has also planted a seed Internationally in South Korea by starting the first ever Kingdom Fest in 2008 which featured Christian Hip Hop artist’s, a non-existent movement in South Korea prior to this event.

Stay tuned for future pictures and footage from the first ever Kingdom Business Tour-Europe taking place in less than 2 weeks and the REVIVE TOUR taking place in July. Some locations will also be streaming LIVE on the night of the event via USTREAM. More info will come be coming soon. Please see below for details and encourage your friends and family to attend the events if they are close to any of the locations:

2 April 2010-Landstuhl, Germany (Canton Jones, S.O.C.O.M. and JayMay)
3 April 2010-Wiesbaden, Germany (Canton Jones, S.O.C.O.M., and JayMay)
4 April 2010-Garmisch, Germany (S.O.C.O.M, JayMay, and Purified)

16 July 2010-Heidelberg, Germany (FLAME & S.O.C.O.M.)
17 July 2010-SHAPE, Belgium (FLAME, S.O.C.O.M., Dwayne Tryumf & German Hip Hop Dance Group “FlameKeepers”.)

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