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This week Nifty & Kay C respond to an email written by a weed smoking Christian who wishes to continue smoking. Tune in to see if the writer made any good points.

■ Nifty & Kay C respond to a weed smoking Christian’s email
■ How does God feel about Christians who occasionally smoke weed?
■ Nifty & Kay C provide practical and biblical solutions


The More-Talk Hour

Dietrick Hadden – Go with me
Nifty and Kay C welcome/introduction of topic
Jus Thoughtz – Bus Stop
Nifty & Kay C discuss the points of a weed smoking Christian
Jaz Digga – I live for you
Nifty & Kay C explain why Christians should not smoke weed (practically and biblically)
Alex Faith – The Letter
Nifty & Kay C introduce next week’s topic

The More-Music Hour with DJ Versatile

MIX 1 25 minutes

  1. Mouthpi3ce – Me And My Notebook
  2. Mr. J.Medeiros – Brutus
  3. Bobby Bishop – Please
  4. IQ – Stronger
  5. S.O. – Love Is
  6. New Breed – Goodness
  7. Relic – Just The Day
  8. Gifted – The Blues

Nifty and Kay C answer some calls

MIX 2 28 minutes

  1. Mark Arthur – Get Up (Ft. K-Drama, & PeeDee)
  2. Juice – Beautiful Day (Ft. Jaims)
  3. The Cross Movement – Live Agua (Throw Back 2000)
  4. Double – Poison
  5. JustWORD – He’s Been Good
  6. JusThoughtZ – Everyday
  7. Guage – Best Friend (Ft. Chris Belmont)
  8. Pro – Hate Me More (Ft. Kingston)

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