CJ Emulous – Built Different

Built Different is the latest song released by CJ Emulous. It was released 2 weeks ago on YouTube. This song is absolutely incredible! It has that signature hip-hop beat and rap style that is consistent throughout all of CJ’s music. The title of the song really says what it’s all about. We’re built differently as Christians. Cj says at the beginning of the song, you don’t smoke, you don’t drink, you don’t live your life in the way that the world does. As Christians that is what sets us apart from the rest of the world.

That is how we display our Christian lifestyle. He talks about going hard for God’s representation, and in essence, that’s what we do. We not only live our life according to God’s rules, but we also take time all the time to give God the praise and everything else that he deserves. Once you become a Christian that’s really what it’s all about, living your life in that manner and giving everything to God at all times. We remember that God is really the reason for everything.

This song has a certain enjoyability and bounces to it. Although you can really take the lyrics to heart it’s hard not to get caught up in just enjoying the music. That’s because of the style of the beats and the non-stop lyrical flow that CJ has in this song. It’s just incredible and powerful.