CJ Emulous – Like That

Released a little over two weeks ago, Like That is the latest song from CJ Emulous.

The beats on the song are sort of mellow. That is a good thing because it gives you more of a chance to focus on the lyrics. The style of rapping in this song is a very consistent flow. CJ doesn’t miss a beat.

He talks about numerous things, about being persecuted in his faith and about coming back from that. He talks heavily about being filled with the Holy Spirit and having your eyes set on heaven. That’s what we all need to do. This song is another way of praising God for all that he does.

This new video is very interesting as well. You see CJ walking down the street rapping. There are over 925 views for this video on YouTube. A lot of the comments on it will reveal just how much this song is loved by fans. This song definitely gets you hyped. It definitely gets you pumped up. It’s a beat that you can really get into. The lyrics are they take away point though because of their message about getting hyped up for the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit once again.

When we praise God we should with as much passion and fervor as CJ does in this latest song.