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Willie Will and Docwatson Chop it up about his new album Rhyme and Reason..the album has 21 Tracks…and really, its hard to find one that doesnt make you want to listen again! As usual Yung Hayte is on the show too..he interviews Willie Will!


Set List

1.  What you doing, Crucial, The Hard Truth
2.  Supa Strait, Andale’, White Flag
3.  Kobe Bryant on Em, Sho Baraka, Barakology
4.  Arms Out, J Robinson, The Collection
5.  Move Out, Json, Life on Life
6.  Obedient, the BREAX, Obedient
7.  Got Paper, Lecrae, Rebel
8.  Willie Will Interview Part1, Kingston and Docwatson, C.L.E RADIO
9.  I Can’t Tell, Willie Will Feat. Muze One, Ryhme and Reason
10.  Willie Will Interview Part2, Kingston and Docwatson, C.L.E RADIO
11.  Unborn Child, Willie Will, God’s Will
12.  Willie Will Interview Part3, Kingston and Docwatson, C.L.E RADIO
13.  Drinkin, Willie Will, Rhyme and Reason
14.  Willie Will Interview Part4, Kingston and Yung Hayte, C.L.E RADIO
15.  Turn it Around, Wilie Will Feat. Jazz Digga, Rhyme and Reason
16.  Put Your Hands Up, Kingston, In the City
17.  Steez, Rhema Soul, Dope Beats Good News
18.  Hope in the Streets, Phanatik, Incredible Walk
19.  Repeat Rhymes, Believin’ Stephen, The Perseverance Mixtape
20.  If I Could, Tru-Life, The Journal
21.  Cypha, Linne, DJ Ecklectic

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