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Whats good family…I decided to introduce myslef really quick. First, I wanted to cover is a little history.  A lot of people know who I am but have no idea what I really do! LOL…I get it all the time.  I started out producing for secular artist and I never really listened to Christian Hip Hop at all. One day I met Brothatone and I became interested in Christian Rap a little more..soon I decided to change all together and gave everything to God. The vision God gave me was to do music and go hard for Jesus, and so I do. As time went on I produced Click Rightous and that is how I met Andale’ who is currently a new artist on C.L.E (get his mixtape free on http://www.http:// Then I established C.L.E with Kingston as the flag ship artist.  I met Pro later and developed a friendship with him while we recorded Kingston’s album (Absolute Truth). Pro and I became brothers (basically). Now Pro and I own C.L.E.

This is  a very short take (obviously) on how things came to be for C.L.E, but what it all comes down to is I serve God and this is why I do music and radio. There was a time when I felt these things made me who I am, but I now realize that God is my maker and I follow what God wants. I have no problem letting go of these things if God asks me too..but for now, I’m going to go hard for Jesus by doing music!

 CLE Radio is going to be fun..hit me up anytime let me know whats on your mind, I like feedback, we only get better with constructive criticism or networking with others. It is important for us to have community and fellowship. Ill leave you with this verse..Hebrews 10:25

God Bless,


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