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npCheck out Blaze! This is her first release and is def something that needs to be checked out! Her album drops early July 1st right here on The Show has changed a little and is growing so things may seem a bit different. Dont worry though DJ Ekelectic is still in the Building! Check her out at

C.L.E RADIO Interviews BLAZE!!

Set List

1.  Nobody (My Bible), Sir Viva, DJ Eklectic Mix
2.  Supa Strait, Andale’, White Flag
3.  Windows Down, Thi’sl, Ex-Hustler Music
4.  Find Out, Theory Hazit, Necrology 102
5.  Why I call you Jesus, Andale’, White Flag
6.  The Body, Future, Young Josh, K-Drama, The Body
7.  Shake the World, Dre Marshall and Mahogany Jones, Before Self Destruction
8.  Joyful Noise, Flame, Our World Redeemed
9.  Blaze Interview Part1, Blaze and Docwatson, C.L.E RADIO
10.  Tell the Truth, Blaze, He Reigns
11.  Blaze Interview Part 2, Blaze and Docwatson, C.L.E RADIO
12.  Holy Holy Holy, Blaze, He Reigns
13.  Drinkin, Willie Will, R&R
14.  Put Ya Hands Up, NWJ, International
15.  What they Need, DJ Morph, International
16.  Live as it gets, Move Merchants (Feat. Theory Hazit and Playdough), DJ Eklectic Mix

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