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¿Come Se Dice? (How do you say)

Published on March 9, 2012

As a writer, you’re supposed to be an artist of words. You not only paint a picture to your readers but you convey emotion. As you portray a message, the words can move the reader and allowing them to reason or agree with it. My teacher once told me a writer’s job is just as important as a doctor; we’re both to be objective and fair.

This all being said, I still didn’t know how words could describe it. Being a victim and at times guilty of it myself, how do I find the words to make up for the hurt and pain this has caused over the years? Como se dice?

Let me explain and maybe you’ll see how big this all is. People often claim to be something yet misrepresent it or simply aren’t what they say they are. Sadly, Christianity is one of the most hypocritical religions in the world, in my opinion. I look at Muslims and see how dedicate they are and I wonder why aren’t Christians that committed?  We are worshiping the one true God, the Creator of the universe, the one who loves us so much that He sent his only begotten Son to the world. Innocent, yet took the blame for us so that we can be saved! This is the God we serve! This is the God we represent when we identify ourselves as Christians! Why don’t we take it seriously? Don’t we realise the impact we have when we misrepresent this identity? What about the profound impact we have on the World?!

Como se Dice? But I think we’re all guilty of that. You know those haunting decisions we might have made that didn’t reflect Christ. Those times we pointed our finger at someone rather than lent a hand, said a prayer or even shown some compassion. Maybe it’s because we are the elect that we sometimes look down at others…like we’re superior to others. Reality check: we’re all sinners. We all deserve God’s wrath and nothing else but wrath! It’s only because of Jesus that we can even taste the sweetness of Grace. We’re made from the dirt…prideful pieces of dirt. We lack humility and compassion; we are incapable of righteousness without Christ. No one does right, no not one. Remind yourself of that, the next time you’re tempted to judge.

Please don’t read this and think I’m trying to point my finger at people. I’m not. God has convicted me of this sin many times in my walk. Being a victim of other Christians judging me was one of my bigger hindrances to the faith to begin with. I remember when I was searching for the truth and I witnessed someone who called themselves a Christian… that encounter made me reject God.  I simply saw the hypocrisy: he spoke about God but treating me so badly. I still have the scars from that time in my life and I will never forget.

Knowing all this, como se dise? I apologize, my brothers and sisters, for misrepresenting the Savoir. For those who claim to be a part of the body, but have created life-long scars. For those whose actions didn’t match their speech, which drew you away from the Heavenly Father rather than allowing you to run into His open arms. I’m sorry. We’re all accountable for our actions. I truly want to apologize, even though my words with never cover those scars. I still think it needs to be said. As a Christian we’re not perfect – we will fall and make mistakes. Please don’t expect perfection from imperfect beings. We should love the way Jesus’ loves us: without unjust judgement. We all come with baggage and the only thing that could break that heavy baggage is love. If I love you, I wouldn’t want hurt you, I would want the best for you and nothing less. Your past wouldn’t matter, your looks wouldn’t matter, and nothing else would matter, except the fact that I love you. Like Jesus does to us, He simply loves us.

I’m sorry for making Christianity into a religion rather than a lifestyle of love. Como se dice? The only word that comes to mind is: SORRY. I wish I could do more but I can’t change the past. I can only strive for a better future and treasure my present decisions.

So as a Christian, a follower of Christ, a new creature in Christ, I love you all. This is not just words but I’ll love you in deed and truth. Never pointing my dusty finger but loving you no matter what. As Christians, can’t we do that?

Written by: Shekela

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