Living a life consumed by God with Maddie Rey, an honest conversation on how to trust the process.

Christian Pop Artist, evangelist and author Maddie Rey joins Da Fixx to share her testimony.  And DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have a real talk conversation about trusting God and trusting the process.

Growing up Maddie Rey

Maddie whose parents were pastors, was raised in their Waukegan Illinois church and gave her life to Christ at an early age. “During that time our church was going through a revival.  We were having encounters with God like we had never experienced before.  And so, for me watching that between the age of about 10 to 12, it really started stirring my heart.  I made a vow to God, to consecrate my life to him.   My life is yours.”

The young Maddie started her ministry at just 12 years old.  “My parents church, we really did a lot to reach young people.  To reach kids and teens.  My dad had a really big heart for that.  I grew up in that.  And at 12 I got to do more to be a part of that.”  Not only did she start doing music but she also had a television show.  “It really started cumulating into true purpose and calling was going to be on my life that I am now living in today.”

As a PK, the pressure to be perfect can cause some to rebel says the singer songwriter.  “For me I’m grateful that my parents really helped me to feel a part [of] and to find my purpose in the church my parents were pastoring.  When I got older, I didn’t want to walk away.  I actually want to live this out.  I want to show others that you can live your life for Christ and that it is possible.”

At 18, evangelist took over the youth ministry and that’s when she began developing the gift of preaching.  “I started preaching more during some of our main services here at our church.  The pairing of that with the music and how I was called to be an evangelist.”

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Waiting on God, Trusting The Process

Waiting on God is not always easy. “Microwave Jesus is easy.  But that’s not how God works,” says Dice. “God wants a relationship.  And as we all know a relationship takes time.  It takes tests, trials and trust.”  In order to yield to God, we have to make time to spend with God.  “You have to be able to hear the spirit to be led by the spirit,” explains Dice.

It’s a spiritual battle everyday says Focus.  “But what happens when you get tired?  Mentally drained. In my flesh I want to shut down.  We talk so much on the radio.  I don’t want to talk.  But I have to understand that I just can’t shut down like that.  My daughter might need me.  Or one of my brothers that I mentor might want to have a conversation with me.   It’s a sacrifice that comes with picking up this cross.” 

Finally, brethren, we leave you with a great scripture to encourage each other during those trials that come with the process.  Colossians 1:11 being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience. Catch this wave with Da Fixx on weekday mornings at 6 est. on Holy Culture Radio Sirius XM channel 154.  And be sure to follow the show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join the conversation.  And please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the episode.  We’d love to hear from you!

Consumed by God with Maddie Rey and an honest conversation on trusting the process!
Maddie Rey on the set of her new video Consumed by God