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Corelink Radio – 10/20/09 – Paying Homage to Juan James (Enock)

The Corelink Radio Mixshow

The Corelink Radio Mixshow

Paying homage and respects to Juan James aka Enoch
To the family and loved ones, we’re praying for you.
Trig and O-diggity

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Corelink – 10/20/09

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1. Know Me (Huh, What?), Cross Movement, Human Emergency
2. Real, Enock, Awethentic
3. Back Home feat. Enock, Cy, Circus World Event – The Ringl
4. On the Move, Cross Movement, Human Emergency
5. 01 You Don’t Want Me ft. K.A.S., Lil Prophet, Versatile
6. 15 White Flags, S.O.C.O.M., Kingdom Music
7. The Signature, Eric Cross, The Signature
8. Psalm 91, Jas Knight, The Psalter
9. A.O. (ft. Benzo), Lil’ Dre, Strapped Up
10. Liberation, Enock, Awethentic
11. We, Enock, Awethentic
12. Change, Enock, Awethentic
13. Finished, Lavie, Life Music
14. Kings Kid ft. J. Johnson, Psalmist, Revolution & love da poet, V.O.Y.C.E., The Relationship
15. All Things Considered, Sojourn, Sojournalism: The Summer Articles
16. This I Know ft. Chayla, Willie Will, Rhyme & Reason
17. Its Only Right, Kingston, Life in the City
18. Remember, Cross Movement, Human Emergency
19. feel tha beat (Featuring Enock, Crs, No Holding Back
20. Runnin, Enock, Awethentic
21. To My Peoples , Cross Movement, Human Emergency

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