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The Corelink Radio Mixshow

The Corelink Radio Mixshow

Trig and O chop it up with Young Josh, R-Swift and Smalls.  And of course, no topic is off limits so we discuss the “Fugazi in Holy Hip Hop” blog and what we can do to improve the genre.

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Corelink – 12/1/09

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The Playlist

1. Alive (Always & 4ever), Young Joshua, Back To Reality
2. Ready to Go (ft. J. Johnson & Jason Clayborn), J.A.Z., Ready to Go
3. Holy Man (produced by Jruckers), Mikel Anthony, The Schematic
4. Loving You, E Tizz, Sound of My Soul
5. 39 Lashes, Jovan Mackenzy, Jihad
6. Back To Basics, Young Joshua, Back To Reality
7. Day In The Life, Eric Cross, The Signature
8. Broad Road, MC Psalmist, Streetcurb Storytales & Nightlife Nightmares
9. U Make Me Betta [B-Side single] (ft. Big R), Various Artists, Dat’s Gospel Mixx 2
10. Ovacomaz, J. Johnson, The Struggle
11. Last Goodbye feat. Ryan Post, Young Joshua, Back To Reality
12. Christ Rules, Christ Reigns, The Alpha Project (DJ 1 God & Excelsius), DJ 1 God & Excelsius are The Alpha Project
13. 04 Rep God, S.O.C.O.M., Kingdom Music
14. Change, Enock, Awethentic
15. Get Live (He Alive), FEDEL, I LIVE
16. Focus, Young Joshua, Back To Reality
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