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The Corelink Radio Mixshow

The Corelink Radio Mixshow

Seattle’s own Vel Vett join us and we talk about his vocation, teaching children with special needs, being an armor bearer, the consumer credit crisis and what’s next on Vel Vett’s horizon.

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Corelink – 3/15/10

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1. Wit a Swaaagg feat. AK, Servant, Vell Vett, The Beginning
2. We Keep It Coming, K-Drama, For the Longest Time Mixtape
3. Lev 11:45 (ft. Mr. Del), C-Micah, The Infalliable Truth
4. Random Thoughts PSA Edition, Pro, PSA “The Mixtape”
5. My Strenf My Redeema, Jazz Digga, Soul Servant
6. Ive Changed, Kre8tor, Conviction
7. Go Back, Vell Vett, The Beginning
8. Go Boy, D.O.X. (Disciple On The Xtreme), Transformed
9. Its A Beautiful Day (produced by DJ Harmz), Mikel Anthony, The Schematic
10. The Coming, Pointmen, Heart Cry
11. Right Now, Dwayne Tryumf, The Mark of the Peace: The EP
12. Let Me Show You, KAMBINO, REACH
13. Smoother Than Oil, T Haddy / Thor Haddon, Dream Big Pre Mix
14. Game U On feat. Chameion Sutton, Vell Vett, The Beginning
15. Enter The Mission (Dr. Eric Mason, DJ Official & R-Swift), DJ Official, EnterMission
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