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Check out it as we get to chop it up with Braille from everything to how he got started, his historical journey, the latest project, his tour schedule and his 30,000 free unit give away goal.

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1. Jesus Time, Sauce, Biblical Teachings through rhymes & beats
2. Windows Down, Thi’sl, Ex-Hustler Music
3. Genesis 32, Hazakim, Theophanies
4. Heard of a city, Terry Did’Um, The Streets are Watching Vol. 1
5. Get Live, I.N.O.V.I.A., Dreams
6. Killadelphia, R-Swift, Soapbox
7. Hustler, ReyKing, Young God
8. That’s my word, Braille and S1, CloudNineteen
9. Skepticold, Braille and S1, CloudNineteen
10. For Life, Braille and S1, CloudNineteen

Interview with Braille

11. Identity 1: We Fell, Tedashii, Identity Crisis
12. All Day, J.A.Z. & Magellan, Alive
13. I’m Out, Tony Stone, The Creation
14. Fear Him, Brothatone,
15. Welcome 2 My World, Victizzle, In My World
16. Livin It, Viktory, Son of the King
17. Turn it around, Willie Will, Rhyme & Reason

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