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The Corelink Radio Mixshow

The Corelink Radio Mixshow

We all would attest to the facts that our communities are not only having challenges, but trends would suggest that they are on the decline. Check out the dialogue we have around some of the symptoms and root causes, but even more importantly some potential solutions.

Special guest Humble Tip joins us for the dialogue and interview as well!

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Corelink – 10/6/09

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1. S.P.F. (ft K-Drama & D-Maub), Humble T.I.P., About Bussiness
2. Lethal Poision (ft. Grammar), Humble T.I.P., About Bussiness
3. Beat My Body (ft. Hot Handz), Humble T.I.P., About Bussiness
4. We Aint Goin No Where (ft. Magellan & The Gyft), Humble T.I.P., About Bussiness
5. Y U Wana, Eastwood, Street Game
6. Cloud Of Witnesses, Sauce & Pee Dee, The Salt Shaker Mixtape
7. Psalm 37, Jas Knight, The Psalter
8. What U Stand 4 ft. CEDE, Jayreed, Marc Arthur, V.O.Y.C.E., The Relationship
9. Hold On (Feat. Kristine Alicia), Lavie, Life Music
10. My Destiny ft. Lee Green, The Rep, Say No More
11. Say Something, Sojourn, Sojournalism: The Summer Articles
12. Outro. ft. Chris Mitchell Jr., HOLLYWOOD HOLLY, CBF DA MOVEMENT VOL.1
13. Ride ft. Phien-X Zekarayah – Co-Produced By Alex Medina, Teddy P., Word & Deed
14. Let’s Do This (ft. Dre Murray), Lil’ Dre, Strapped Up
15. Chain Reaction, Willie Will, Rhyme & Reason
16. Bring ’em Back, 3D Remedy, The GREAT-I-AM
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