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One Route Entertainment Christian Hip-Hop group, Creature Clan, made up of D-MAUB & Eric Cross is scheduled to release their album ‘New Beginnings’ February 14th, 2012.  Tracklisting below…


  1. Look Out produced by Kriss Liss
  2. Problem Child produced by Epik
  3. I Go To Work produced by Superstar O
  4. Take Control (feat. Kaboom) produced by Superstar O
  5. The Explanation (feat. DJ Klassy K) produced by D-Maub
  6. I’m a CREATURE produced by Superstar O & Beezo
  7. What’s It Gonna Be? (feat. Willie “PDUB” Moore Jr., Mr. G Reality) produced by Epik
  8. The Light (feat. Calandra Williams) produced by Epik
  9. Images (feat. Ciara Harper) produced by Kriss Liss & Epik
  10. Pobody’s Nerfect (feat. Chris Lee Cobbins) produced by A-1
  11. Know Pain, Know Gain (feat. T. Haddy) produced by Epik
  12. Right Now produced by Inspired Producers
  13. Let It Burn (feat. Pettidee) produced by Johnny Juliano
  14. Thank You (feat. Will Hagan, Chris Belmont) produced by Epik
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