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Cincinnati, Ohio January 31st 2012- Even prior to the recent addition of Eric Cross to the One Route Entertainment artist roster, plans for a collaboration album were in the works with D-MAUB. The duo, Creature Clan, derives their name from II Corinthians 5:17 in which those living for Christ are termed new creatures. With the rising success of the first single “Images”, the album “New Beginnings” promises to illustrate an impressive blending of these two artists styles into a noteworthy musical experience.

“New Beginnings” lays out a descriptive narrative, starting with the song title, which allows the listener to take a journey on the life of being and becoming a new CREATURE. From beginning to end, here is a look at the story the project imparts. The first song, “Look Out” is stating that we, as Creatures (believers), are not backing down and we are everywhere around you. We are growing in spirit, in love and in numbers and soon we will begin to dominate the Earth just as God intended. Next up is “Problem Child”. This is simply promoting that since we are now God’s children, we are a problem to the enemy. The third track is “I Go To Work”. Here D-Maub explains that since we are God’s children, its time for us to Go To Work, meaning evangelism. It’s important that we go out into the world and live a life of holiness to help the lost in acknowledging God and ultimately bring souls to the Kingdom. Fourth, “Take Control”; as we Go To Work on the battlefield, it’s important that we surrender our will and allow God to have full control over our actions in order to maintain a successful life of faith in Jesus. Coming up fifth is “The Explanation”. This interlude is explaining why we call ourselves Creatures rather than beasts or monsters. God said in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new CREATURE: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” The sixth song is “I’m a CREATURE”. Eric Cross and D-MAUB go in depth about the power that new creatures possess. We are brand new in Christ and we are not afraid to proclaim our faith. On the seventh track, “What’s It Gonna Be?”, Creature Clan is asking which side will you choose. There are many gods that you can choose to serve, but there is only one God that grants you eternal life and His name is Jesus. Eighth is “The Light”. Since we have posed the question What’s It Gonna Be?, for those who have decided to accept Jesus, we welcome you to The Light, where you will find joy, unconditional love and peace that surpasses all understanding. The ninth song is called “Images”. This is a warning to the new converts to be careful what you look at as images you view today can be stored in your mind that can later present a battle; a battle that in most times you are not prepared to fight. This song leads into number ten, “Pobody’s Nerfect”. This is a direct result of what can happen if we allow those Images to take root into our minds. Eleven, “Know Pain, Know Gain”, explains that through our downfalls God is still there to comfort, strengthen and restore us. In this walk you will be challenged, but be encouraged, knowing that our mistakes force us to run to God who will forgive us for our sins after repenting with a sincere heart. Twelve is “Right Now”. Eric Cross is letting the listener know that yes we make mistakes, yes we fall into temptation, yes we disappoint God with our actions, but we are ready to take a stand Right Now to seek the Kingdom of God AND His righteousness. So, with that being said, song number thirteen is “Let It Burn”. We are expressing that anything that is a hindrance to our walk with Jesus we are turning away from those things and dedicating our life to righteousness. Last but not least, song number fourteen is “Thank You”. Enough said; this track will speak for itself. “New Beginnings” will be available online at and digital outlets starting February 14th.

About One Route Entertainment: One Route Entertainment is an urban ministry and independent record label based in Cincinnati, Ohio created in 2005. ONE ROUTE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC aims to use every opportunity to the fullest to represent Christ in our lifestyles and in the public eye. With hard-hitting hip hop music, we want to re-claim our youth, streets, community, nation and beyond from negative thinking and living. Our ministry is inclusive of positive music, alternative fashion statements, and sound business practices. The label consists of Amber Bronson (General Manager), Keith “DJ Klassy K” Harrison, Shannon “Eric Cross” Vick and Donny “D-MAUB” Harper who serves as president/artist.

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