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Crossover Church’s “Don’t Conform” Ministry makes a movie!

Crossover Church has been known for outreach and using the arts to reach the culture for Christ. The outreach street team “Don’t Conform” has done dozens of events in the Tampa Bay area at Juvenile Detention Centers, Street Outreaches and University Campuses. They designed their own custom tracks (flyers) that share the gospel in a relevant format and touch on subjects like Evolution, Pornography and Materialism. Countless lives have been touched by this crew of talented artists and individuals.

In 2009 the vision expanded to do short films and launch a youtube page in edition to their website and other social network sites. In 2010 they received over $13,000 from a local foundation that enabled them to purchase an HD camera, mac computers, flyers, CD’s and other materials to take the ministry to the next level. In the past 6 months they’ve developed a youtube sitcom “The Gary Bella Show” using artists and actors from Crossover to star in these short films. With just a handful of videos they already have attracted many fans and had close to 30,000 views on their page.

This summer the “Don’t Conform” crew under the leadership of Travis “Set” Settineri has been on their grind as they are completing their first full-length movie. The film centers on a young high school student Gary Bella, who lives with his father. Gary explores the everyday challenges of being a teenager in today’s world, trying to find his purpose in life. Gary’s mother recently passed away and his dad is struggling to raise him and make sense of everything. His uncle Tito plays a key role as the plot develops. The scenarios are filled with comedy, and characters are exaggerated, while still dealing with real issues of life, love, and family.

The majority of the film has been shot and it’s now going into editing. Be on the lookout for the film making a debut at Flavor Fest and coming out shortly after that. Stay tuned for details. Check out, and

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