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CW Allen’s Dream Session

Chicago, IL – December 6, 2021— Just in time for the winter season, CW Allen releases a warm and soulful live Hip Hop album entitled Still Dreaming.

Still Dreaming is seasoned music filled with soothing vocals, storytelling,
lyricism, and live instrumentation. Its creation was birthed out of CW’s desire to integrate a worship experience with Hip Hop music.

“I’ve been on my soapbox the last few years about the need for more Hip Hop music in worship spaces. I don’t understand how Hip Hop can account for 25% of all streaming but rarely grace Christian sanctuaries. There have been many great pioneers in making music this way and I’m just hoping to continue what they have started.”

Still Dreaming includes 8 tracks executive produced by Cleveland native,
FCOnTheBeat. Beginning with its title track, Still Dreaming, CW proclaims that we can not stop dreaming even amidst dire circumstances surrounding us.

Still Dreaming showcases both the beauty and brokenness of our human
existence making it a colorful holistic gospel experience.

Still Dreaming can be downloaded or streamed on all major streaming services.

Now in year 15 of CW Allen’s musical journey, he has released his first book, CATALYST and performed all over the country in bars, schools, camps, and conferences opening for such as Cannon, Da Truth, Sean C. Johnson, Shopé, This’l, and the Legendary Curtis Blow.

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February 13, 2021
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