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CYclone aka CY presents a unique playlist experience from his album

CYclone aka CY, Much Luvv Records & Complex Melodies Presents: Finally now on YouTube, The New PlayList just released after 2 years in the making, Short Films, Colors, Visuals.  See the concept behind the album Circus World Event – The Ringleader!

Experience the conceptual visuals behind the vision of CY’s 3rd Album.

“The #1 thing most people would say after we created this album was that listening to this production was like watching a movie. It took our graphics team and me 2 years to create this playlist in order to compliment & bring this Circus World Album to life!”

CYclone, Also known as: CY
Executive Producer/Artist/President
Complex Melodies
Much Luvv Records Inc. (BEATS FOR SALE)

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