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It is with great pleasure that we at Sacred Apparel would like to welcome to our family two members who we’ve been fans of for some time now. It is an honor to be given the opportunity of sponsoring them with our apparel, as well as our prayer, friendship and support. Please join us in welcoming D-Maub & Jacob Izrael.


Donny Harper aka “D-MAUB” (Dedicated to Making All Underestimaters Believers) is an artist, beat maker, mixing & mastering engineer, and label owner to name a few, has seen his share of trials and tribulations. Being introduced to Messiah by a childhood friend, then tragically losing his mother in 1997, D-MAUB finally saw that there was more to life than what he had been doing. He accepted the invitation and started turning a skill he has always possessed to glorify Yahweh and spread his awesome testimony of coming through tough struggles. He wants people to know that we can have fun and draw men to Yahshua through his lyrics and beats. But most of all he desires to draw all to Messiah. He’s also known as the #1 YOUNG “CUT-T”, which stands for Courageously Upholding The Truth.

D-MAUB has had the pleasure of ministering alongside national recording artists Nicole C. Mullen, Bootsy Collins, k-Drama, Karen Clark and Kierra Sheard, Electric Church, Mars Ill, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., E.Cross, and Tye Tribbett and G.A. and many more.

Follow D-Maub:

Twitter: @DMAUB
Facebook: /DMAUB


Jacob Izrael is more than just an artist. He’s a videographer, writer, rapper, mixing & mastering engineer and graphic designer as well. Jacob Izrael’s mission is to bring life and joy to a dying world through his lyrics and songs (Ephesians 5:19 ). That means reaching the streets by all means, even without a major record deal. Jacob Izrael, was born as Tredale L. McCullough in St. Petersburg, Florida. Due to a crack-cocaine habit that his mother once suffered, Jacob was raised by his grandmother. By the grace of Yahweh, Jacob found no interest in the street life. Jacob had a thirst for something else, writing poetry. Jacob and a child hood friend formed a group called G.F.S. and later landed their first recording contract in 1996 by a Label called F.L.A. Records/Jive Records. Later the group split and Jacob found himself in the Pinellas County Jail for assault/battery on School/state employee. Three years later he was invited to Crossover Community operated by Pastor Urban D aka Pastor Tommy. Immediately Jacob was amazed that at church he had seen a bunch of guys on stage rapping and break dancing for a guy named Yahshua. It was the Good news of Him that Jacob had heard all that night. It was then a seed was planted in his life & from that point Jacob has been studying the WORD OF YAHWEH, and taking all of his talents and spreading that same message he heard that night.

Follow Jacob Izrael:

Videography: VIMEO

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