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DA MESSENGER writes a letter to CHH industry regarding Unity

For those of you that even took the time I would like to say thank you and please continue to finish reading this letter. I have been talking to many industry professionals about the issue of “UNTITY” in the CHH industry between different CHH artists & cliques. I just want to give my part in this big discussion that is being brought up daily in our community!

Many artists & producers think that there will be more unity in CHH when artists start collaborating more & doing shows together. IT WONT! When CHH artists do songs together it should just REFLECT a great relationship that they have already had established before the song was ever created! Lets say that every CHH artist worked together with everyone, thats just vocals being emailed back & forth between recording studios. It doesnt bring unity! It just brings a song for the public to bang in their speakers. REAL UNITY COMES WHEN WE IN THE CHH INDUSTRY STARTS GETTING TO KNOW EACH & PRAYERFULLY HOLD EACH OTHER DOWN! Your favorite artist on your collab list is who you should being getting to know first. Seeing how he or she is doing in life, their walk, ect.

Another huge issue we have is DEBATING THEOLOGY! It gets so old & tiring hearing grown men & women bicker like little kids over something that at the end of the day is doesnt save souls! My doctrine is what many would label as “Calvinism” or “Eternal Security”. I have a good friend of mine who is a Christian Rap artist & minister many know as “C-MICAH”. Now C-Micah does not have the same doctrinal views that I have. We agree on A LOT of things but there are just some things we do not agree on. BUT, we love each other & fellowship heavy with each other! I call him up just to see how his walk is, his family, his life, his ministry, church, ect. He does the same for me. Because we have such a great friendship we do shows together, collab, ect. THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE LIKE!

We hate on other CHH artists because they may not say what we want them to. Or because GOD has put them in certain positions & we havent reached that level. Every CHH artist is not meant to be a “national” or “interational” recording artist. GOD places us all at different levels for different reasons for his glory alone! And if you try reaching out to someone & they dont respond or don’t have the time to build with DON’T BEEF WITH THEM! That won’t solve anything, just cause even more division than there already is.

Lets learn to love on each other & get to know each other. Lets grow up & pull together as Christian men & women of GOD. THIS WILL BRING TRUE UNITY IN THE CHH INDUSTRY!!!

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