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Steven Malcolm and Jay-Way are interviewed / #RealTalkTopic Overcoming Church Hurt

Steven Malcolm joins us for an interview. Steven Malcolm makes faith-driven hip-hop that's as unique as his multi-cultural background. It's a sound rooted in rap's rhythmic delivery, pop's modern melodies, and God's word, glued together by an artist whose music has earned five Dove Award nominations and more than 70 million streams.

Jay-Way joins us for an interview. Amsterdam artist Jay-Way wants to redefine pop music. In fact, he’s set on it.

But not just in a visceral sense. He wants to move beyond the conventional rapper/singer stereotype and reset the trend. His sound is a hybrid of classic 90s hip-hop with a bit of vintage soul. It’s surged with a bolt of elite-level pop and layered with some heady, contemplative lyrics. The vibe is more natural than intentional and truly reflective of what Jay-Way stands for—freedom of expression in style, music, and in life.

#Realtalktopic is overcoming church hurt and offense, forgiving self and others

Listen to the full episode below and check out Da Fixx Morning Show weekdays on Holy Culture Radio – SiriusXM Channel 154 at 6 AM EST.

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September 20, 2022

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