Da Fixx Morning Radio Show wins a Kingdom Choice Award

Published on October 10, 2022

On October 1st, Dice Gamble and DJ Focus went to the Kingdom Choice Awards, in New York City, on Broadway for the first time this year to participate in the festivities and to do what Da Fixx Morning Radio show does – – – expose the culture to positive but relevant music that keeps Jesus Christ at the center of the message. They do this continually through their selection of music and #realtalk topics, but also by spending time with artists to bring their stories into the conversation.


However, while they knew there were nominated, let’s just say they were caught up in their work and taken a bit by surprise when their names were called as the winners of Best Podcast / Radio Show. this marks their 2nd award for the year, as they won a Stellar Award earlier this year.

Da Fixx Morning Radio Show Interviews

This year alone, since the expansion of Holy Culture Radio on SiriusXM Channel 154, they have interviewed over 100 artists and/or industry influencers, such as Lecrae, Jay Williams, 1KPSon, Brea Miles, Pristavia, Mahogany Jones, HeeSun Lee, Scootie Wop, Agape Music Group, Myammee, Wande, Tedashii, Sammy Praise, Porsha Love, Monster Tarver, Canon, Omega Sparx, 1KPhew, Hulvey, WHATUPRG, V Squad, Steven Malcolm, and countless others.

They help bring the variety of artists within the genre to the forefront, allowing them to share their faith stories and backgrounds in an intimate way, discuss past, current, and upcoming projects, and engage in dialogue around current events. Most importantly, they help underscore that we are all imperfect people in pursuit of a perfect God.

Da Fixx Morning Radio Show #RealTalkTopics

A hallmark of their show is the #RealTalkTopics, where they take the time to unpack topics that they believe are important to all of us to continue our journeys.

To date, these topics have included the universally welcomed day-to-day helpers such as goal setting, spiritual principles for time management, and embracing seasons in your life, to the more complicated such as old school versus new-school parenting, should Christians have brands and fighting temptations.

A key part of this segment is the transparency that Dice Gamble and DJ Focus display, sharing their personal stories as it relates to the topic – – where they were, where they are, the progress, the challenges, etc. They are great at concluding with practical “to do” items for their listeners and as they would say “putting some bible on it.”

Da Fixx Morning Radio Show Podcast

Knowing that some are not able to catch their 6 AM daily show on SiriusXM each morning, Holy Culture Radio also launched Da Fixx Morning Radio Show podcast making select interviews and #realtalktopic discussions available for our listeners.