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Day 16 was a tab bit discouraging.  Not too much.  Just a tab bit.

I pulled out the scale, eager to find out what my new weight was.  The results were somewhat disappointing b/c my weight didn’t change.  I still weigh 244.  That’s how much I weighed last week.

I’m happy that I didn’t gain weight, but not losing weight doesn’t help with my 3 month, 30 lbs lost challenge.

After I weighed myself, several thoughts went through my head on how I can tighten up my regime.  So many things I need to chisel in order to get “chiseled.”  So many things I relaxed in which at the end only took away from my goal.

So I no longer look behind, but I look ahead.  This week will be a major challenge for me b/c tomorrow I leave for San Antonio, I can’t cook, and I won’t be back until next Tuesday.  But God will give me the grace not to be overcame by the temptations of food.

Hopeful for next week.

And oh yeah, my new mixtape “For the Longest Time” drops today.  So go pick that up at,, or


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