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Hey Everyone,

I’m sitting in the kitchen of my Mother in Law’s house smelling some good grilling.  Nice weather today.  The day So nice that I took my daughter to the creek to throw rocks in the water.   Crazy thing is that I didn’t know that there was a creek in the neighborhood.  Her uncles took her to it last week and she remembered how to get their.  She actually led us to it as we were walking.  It’s behind a neighbor’s house.  I didn’t see it initially, so I decided to walk off.  But she cried and screamed really loud.  I asked some neighbors outside if there was a creek around, and they pointed to the same location that she did 🙂  My daughter is so smart.  Also,  I watched the team who I’m running with again for March Madness, Xavier Musketeers beat Wisconsin!  Monster dunks!  My best friend Josh Duncan helped take them to the Elite 8 last year, so I’m a fan for life

These past few days have been jam packed.  Friday we took our daughter to see Disney Playhouse live.  Naima enjoyed seeing a life sized Mickey Mouse getting dumb crunk on stage.  I loved the Mexican cartoon guy (I forgot the name of the show).  The beat was crazy.  They was banging bricks together and making shaker noises out of brooms.  I was feeling mad inspired and wanted to go home and make a BEAT!  After the show, I dropped Charde & Nai off, picked up D-M.A.U.B. and we drove about an hour in the boonies to rap at a church.  They received us well and God was mad glorified!

Saturday, I was suppose to do a radio interview with Doc Watson at 9:30am, but he OVERSLEPT!  BOOOOOO!  So I just packed my bags to head up to Toledo, OH (about 3 1/2 hours away) to rap on stage with Ambassador, R-Swift, Michelle Bonillia, & Brinson.  I picked up my hype man and mentee Remy (featured on “UseAWhat” on “BoomBaptism”), dropped some McDonald’s off to Charde, picked up D-M.A.U.B. (again) and we hit the road!  D-M.A.U.B. opened up the show with “So Professional” & “Let’s Go.”  He ripped it!  Then Brinson came and ripped it!  D-M.A.U.B. and Brinson performed “Solar Powered” together.  It was only the 2nd time they performed it live!  It was bangin!  Then D-M.A.U.B. stayed on stage and performed “On the High” with me.  He got a lot of love from the crowd (and the artist for that matter).  My set went cool.  I was losing my voice, but God pulled me through.  “Air Jordan” was nutz!  I felt so free on that stage, just giving praise to Jesus for delivering me through ALL opposition!

Michelle & Amba kilted it!  I mean they wrecked shop!  The crowd was anticipating Ambasssador, so it was crazy to see.  Gimme Dat was a hot performance, and he did some gems like “My Clothes, My Hair” and others!  

The most touching part of the concert was R-Swift just testifying about the comfort God has given him through the past 3 weeks  since his son died.  I commend R-Swift for his strength and doing his thang.  He has a new joint called “Our God is an Awesome God” and IT’S STOOOOOOPID!  SO HOT!  Marvformobeats did it (same guy who produced “Let Go” on “BoomBaptism”).  When ya’ll hear this song, ya’ll gon flip!  You can just hear a breathe of fresh air in Swift’s performance.  He is truly in the pocket of God.

We talked to all the attendees, packed up, and went to Applebees.  It was so encouraging just for all the people who came up to me and told me various things from how my music motivates them for Christ to how they enjoyed my performance (despite of my voice going out).   I tried to scarf an ultimate trio, but I was full after the 2nd mozarella stick.  

We went to the telly, D-M.A.U.B. embarrassed me on NBA 2k9 and then I beat him on the rematch by 7.  I then went to my room and layed it down. 

We woke up, went to Cracker Barrell and then came home.  I was missing my family so much.

So I’m still in the kitchen, about to eat in a sec.  I’m just grateful that God is doing so much in my life.   I praise God that Air Jordan has caught on fire and now everyone’s remixing it.   I want to see more remixes of “Air Jordan” than “A Milli” for real!  Christians, let’s do this!

To God be the glory.


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