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I really needed Day 30!

I hadn’t ran since Wednesday due to sick children & the fatigue of traveling & the demand on my services!

I woke up today like “I’m not going to let 1 more day go by where I don’t work out like how I been working out”

Before jogging, I weighed myself & I was very confident that I lost weight b/c when I look in the mirror, I noticed my stomach didn’t hang over my pants like last week or the week before.  So needless to say, I was optimistic.

I stood on the scale and it read 236.8!  WOW!  In 30 days, I lost 11 pounds on my own with God’s help and support from my community of friends and associates!  No P90x, no insanity, no program.  No diss (pun intended) but good ol will & discipline did the job.  I actually exceeded my goal for what I wanted to lose this month.  I wanted to lose 10 pounds!  I beat that by 1 pound!

Also, I jogged a mile in 11 minutes & 36 seconds.  This is my fastest time by 1 second! And I’ll take it!

Today is been a good day.  All the HARD WORK truly does pay off.  Going to continue to watch my sugar, watch my carbs, watch my salt, eat healthy, drink plenty of water & of course, NO SODA!

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