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Day 35 carried no motivation initially.

I woke up this morning like “run again”? After my alarm went off, I wanted to hit the dismiss button & go right back to sleep.

You would think losing 11 pounds in 1 month would serve well over enough motivation to keep exercising because keeping that pace up would garner great results. But it didn’t. I still just felt like being lazy.

In the bed I kept thinking, “What if I ran the past few days? Where would be at in my goal right now? I can’t let another day go by in which I don’t do what I commit to do.”

Then the thought came. The time I exercise is a very small fraction in my day. Usually it takes me 11-12 minutes to jog a mile. There are 1440 minutes in a day. This is only temporal. For the rest of the day I will be proud that I am working towards my goal. That motivated me today!

I know I even feel like this spiritually sometimes with my talent. Though I have accomplished a lot to only be 25 musically, these things have little to do with my motivation. If I relied on those things for motivation, I would be 1 lazy dude, wasting his life away. Initially what we do is temporal. But somethings will have an eternal effect and some things will die when it’s finished.

So I try to think like this. What we do to gratify ourselves only satisfied while doing it. Most times we end up regretting what we did and we feel more empty. But what we do for Christ will last forever. So choose today whether or not what you do will expand the hole in your soul or it will fulfill you through Christ Jesus.

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